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Starting in 2006 in a career based around Information Technology, I found myself enjoying working with my hands, but creation was an option that never seemed to gel with me and my chosen path.

By 2012 I had found myself wanting to explore more creative ventures and wanted to make something that I could proudly hold my head up and say; "That is mine! I did that!" then like a gust of wind through an open window, in blew photography.
Exploring different avenues, styles and locations, I had discovered a personal preference of people and landscapes, this made me want to explore the options herein to reach out and try and capture a demonstration of the beauty and wonder in nature and the people that experience it.

Since discovering this passion for wanting to capture people, places and life in general in their best possible light, I have been striving to perfect my art and my methods to suit exactly that, life!
My goal is to capture life, and exactly as my motto above says, impression through expression, I hope to leave an impression on people through my chosen medium of expression, Photography.

This is an ongoing goal that I hope will make many people, as well as myself, happy.

© Todd Applebee 2013
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